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Straightforward are listed some problems I am facing. Not sure whom to contact. Hence sending you the issues.

I am 30 years male.

1. When I wake up in the morning I am very - very tired.
2. When sometimes I sneeze, there comes stars in front of my eyes like weakness.
3. In the daytime i.e. my normal work routine, most of the time I am also suffering from fatigue.
4. While I sleep at night (here are currently winters), I sweat a lot, I found that my blanket is a lot wet due to sweat.
5. Recently I developed this strange issue. I got itching over my entire body, in the evening. Night it is most, morning and daytime less severe.

I got some medical tests some 2-3 months earlier. The bad cholesterol was bit on the higher side.

Anyways, I come to you to seek advice what shall I do further to know what is happening to me? I am not able to understand the issue with me as of now.


I understand what you are going through. I have been there, yet I believe there is hope.  I have recovered from low energy, myself.

There are many things to do to improve energy. Are you having any pain?

I am not sure if what I have seen that helps energy is available in your country, but I have seen these natural supplements help.

With my clients with low energy, I usually start them on ribose or ashwaghanda.
I use ribose 5,000 mg  three times a day for a week or two, then 5,000 mg a day after that.
Ashwaghanda is dosed our differently. I am not at work, but I believe it is 1-2 a day. See what the bottle recommends.

Magnesium can be a big deficiency and so are B vitamins in fatigue.  These can be added to the ribose or ashwaghanda.

These supplements are worth a try. If that doesn't do it, consider looking at your adrenal gland, which spits out cortisol, on of your main enegy hormones. It could also be your thyroid, toxicity, or other imbalances.

If you try supplements, go to a good, reliable store. Watch cheap formulas that may not work.

Best to you in your recovery.

Patricia Stepehens, CNC


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