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I am a 43 year old male has been diagnosed for 7 years. I was wondering if when performing self treatment for trigger points do you look for primary trigger points elsewhere in the body or do you feel around the body part that is hurting. Also, do all trigger point patterns begin in, close to the center of the  body (proximal) and end up more distal? Lastly, who do you really know you have found I trigger point? For example, I have bands of muscle on my quadriceps that if I run my fingers along them I can see them contract in tight bands similar to a guitar string but about a centimeter in width.

Hi Rick...firstly, there is a difference between fibro tender points and trigger points. Fibro tender points are in very specific places (see illustration here: Trigger points can be in numerous sites in the body. Tender points radiate pain out, while trigger points are painful in one spot only. Not sure what self treatment you've doing but if it's massage, you need to start at the tender point itself. Also the Pain is coming from the connective tissue, not the muscle. Hopefully I've helped some...the url I gave you has a lot of good updated info.


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