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My step mom has been experiencing electrifying pains in her arms and hands, causing her to not be able to lift heavy objects without straining or hurting herself. We've seen neurologists, and she's had physical therapy done but nothing seems to work. When we went to a specialist, they told her it was all in her head: that she was crazy. They gave her painkillers and anti-depressants, but nothing worked and it only made her act as if she were on heavy narcotics. They told her she had fibromyalgia but nothing further or anything to help her feel relieved. We are almost at a loss. Please help our family.

Hi Madeline,
Sorry to be so late in answering but I did not receive a notification that I had a question waiting.

Was a Tender Points test done to determine that she has fibro? That is still the onky test we have to determine if a patient has fibro. If a Tender Points test was not done, then you need to find a doctor who will do this test. I saw 8 doctors before I was correctly diagnosed. Not every doctor believes in fibro, even today. And certainly not every doctor knows how to treat it.

You will have to continue looking for a doctor to help your mom. Ask for a referral to a pain specialist but ASK first if this specialist diagnoses and treats fibro before you make an appointment. It might take some effort and calling and asking before you find someone. Don't give up, and I wish you the best in finding someone to help you.



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I have had fibromyalgia myself since 1993.

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