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   I am 47 year old male wt 73kg at present i have severe body pain.earlier it was in back(last 10 years) now it is spread all over body but the center is back(from neck to waist) I was admitted in a well known hospital.My all tests for blood(cbc,esr,calsium,tb)vitamins,,xray,MRI are negative
   I am taking pregabalin 150 once a day(observed nil side effects so far) since last 1 year and i was a bit better but now the pain through out body including back is now increased since 8 days so that it is difficult to sit  and even stand.
  shall i increase pregabalin or take another medicine?
some times i have palpitation attack since 20 years so i take ciplarLA40 beta blocker one per day


My heart goes out to you. I remember the days when I was so sick. I have gotten well, and I pray the same will happen to you.

Have you tried magnesium for your back pain? I see that it helps so many people. I tell my clients to buy a good quality magnesium. Even a good quality magnesium product is not expensive in America. I hope it is the same in India.

There is also topical magnesium oil that I like made from the company Ancient Minerals. I have seen very nice changes in it with myself and my clients. Many buy it online at Amazon. People even use this oil orally, although it tastes bad. But it goes away pretty quick. You can go to and type in Dr Mark Sircus, and he gives a lot of information on topical magnesium. He also has written a book entitled Transdermal Magnesium. You can read a free preview at Amazon.

Something else I have seen that has helped pain in most is SAM-e. Do a little research on it. Getting the dosage right can be important for my clients.

I love to travel and would love to see India. Best to you and your health.

Patricia Stephens  


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