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I am 55. I just got a pair of adult recreational skates that are very comfy, so I plan on getting out more often. My grand daughter is thinking about figure skating, and hockey is on the mind of my grandson.
I can do all the basic moves required, but I have always been very slow. Unlike my children who have long legs and can get up a lot of speed, I have short, fat legs.Noticeably out of proportion to the rest of my body. Being 'top heavy' as well, I tend to tilt forward.
These are my physical limitations. Other than losing weight, can you give me a few suggestions, either regarding technique, or exercises, that I can do to get me up to speed? Thanks!

Good for you for trying! If your rink offers Learn  to Skate classes go for it! Skating is a long term project to master. Your other alternative is a private lesson. Even a once in awhile lesson with a coach goes a long way. Look for someone experienced in Adult starters.

Keep at it, practice will pay off!

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I can answer questions about figure skating, choreography, ISI or USFS. Also questions about competing (my Olympic experience or your own competition). I`m a National referre for ISI. Recently I also have been appointed a National Technical Specialist for US Figure Skating. But remember I am not your substitute for a coach! They can see what you are doing! To correct or instruct you on manuevers is really not what I want to do.


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