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I am working on my bronze level dances (masters track) and my MK Double Stars are about used up.  I have moved up the levels very, very slowly.  My current blades don't hold an edge and I would like to upgrade.  I have narrowed my choices down to MK Professional (my current blade sits 1/4" from my boot edge.  If I bought the MK Pro,I would mount them similarly),  Coronation Dance, or Eclipse Dance.  Should I buy a dance blade or am I OK with the MK Pros?  I am worried that the dance blades may be too hard to get adjusted to.

Hi Bonica,
Shortened heels on dance blades are not as readily stepped on by the other blade or that of a partner and allow more clearance on tight free leg motions. Are your boots gouged or blades nicked? It is usually the cumbersome heel of the other skate that does the gouging and nicking. Balance that against whatever you think it might take to get used to the blade heel ending sooner. This length of time depends on many factors: hours logged, learning curve, surefootedness, skating style, etc.
MK Double Stars are a good choice, as are any of the dance blades. They are all the same 7 foot rocker radius. (Google blade name with the words "rocker radius".)
All the best!

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