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Figure Skating/Performance to Dancin' by Chris Isaak


Dear Mr. Beacom: Years ago my wife and I were watching a skating performance on TV...and this self-assured guy with a devilish smile came on and we thought...who is this guy. Then Dancin' by Chris Isaaks started playing and the skater started dropping shoulders and 'defying' physics and gave one of the most amazing creative performances we have ever artists [not on ice] we love the inspired and you certainly were. Fast forward to last night and we once again we were both scouring the internet to re-discover who this person was. Of the videos out there "I'm your man"  and showed us a skater that MUST be the person we saw. Was that you? Is there a copy out there or a tape we can purchase? We have had great fun showing our kids your skill and the fun you have on ice. We told our 12 year old to incorporate something from your 1988 performance is his hockey game today...just for kicks. Thanks for the wonderful performances

Hello Steve,
I do recall skating to Chris Isaac "Dancin'" in Tampa for a competition in the nineties. Thank you for compliments on my performance, which was incidentally improv--one of the reasons it looked different! I do not have a copy of that piece, but I do have a dvd collection of about 4 hours of Gary Beacom performance footage. Please get in touch through my e-mail address:
Take care,

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