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QUESTION: do you have to join usfsa to participate in isi competition? because I saw a line to fill out your usfsa level.
what is the program duration for freestyle 3 technical?
can your group instructor sign your coach signature?

ANSWER: Hello,
The USFS level is just a question asked in case you have tested USFS.  There are rules to keep you at the correct level, or make you eligible for others.  So just put "N.A." or line it out or leave it blank.
FS 3 maximum time is 3:40, but never cut music past 3:38 in case you are late!
Any coach registered with ISI can sign your form.  They are signing that you are in the correct level, so have it all filled out please.
Good luck,
PS...have at least one private lesson to have a coach check your program before you compete!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: For ISI competitions, in technical category, let's say for example I am in freestyle 3, then can I put elements like Counter and Choctaw, which are in freestyle 6 in my program? (if I can do them perfectly)

Feel free to put in "uncaptured maneuvers" with limitations. They are outlined in the handbook. But all turns and footwork things are fine.  Gliding moves like spread eagles etc. are ok. Careful with extra jumps or spins. The program is only a minute and a half so don't clutter it too much!  Highlight the requirements, you can also repeat them since the best try is counted. Example: a salchow/toe-loop combo, Ballet jump into toe loop, land a jump into a back pivot, etc.
Hope this helps...good luck and please have a coach check your program just in case!

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