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Hello my name is Olivia and I go to Francis Howell Middle School, and I'm doing a research on figure skating. It would be very nice if you could respond these questions.
1. What is so fun about figure skating?
2. How long have you been figure skating
3. How hard is it to be able to do jumps and flips?
4. Do you wear think shocks or thin socks when figure skating?
5. Did you wear skating outfits to practices?
If you cannot answer these questions, I would appreciate it if you could forward this to someone who can answer. Thanks you.

Hello Olivia,
It would be a pleasure to help with your project. Here is my answer to your questions:

1. Figure skating is fun because there are so many different tricks you can try on the ice.
2. I have been figure skating for 44 years.
3. It is easy to do simple jumps without much practice. Even jumps that are difficult at first become easier and easier with smart practice.
4. I wear thick wool socks when skating to keep my feet warm.
5. To practice, I wear active wear clothes that are not specifically skating outfits.

I hope this helps with your research!

Gary Beacom

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