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Hi Gary,
My feet are hard to fit for skates (3D with a high instep). When I was younger I had custom Knibbly (sp?)skates so there were never any problems at all. But now I'm much older and returning to skating after many, many years of "never again". It doesn't make sense to buy custom when I won't be doing very much with them ... so I bought a pair of Jackson Freestyle. They're 3C and, after adjustments, I just cannot find the sweet spot on my blades. This didn't seem to be a problem at first but there was tightness on the width and pain at the instep with a little bit of slippage at the back. We put in a more supportive insole, a lift at the back and punched out the width so that my foot came, noticeably, forward in the boot. But all of a sudden it feels like I'm balancing behind the ball of my foot. This doesn't make sense to me but it really does feel like I'm skating too far to the back of my blades. The guy who is making the adjustments is suggesting that I flatten the rocker a bit but this sounds a bit drastic to me. What do you think?

hi elaine,
i also used knebli skates when i was young!
the rocker is not the cause of your balance difficulty. the distance between the sole of your foot and the blade plate is the key, and you are subconsciously trying to compensate for the raised heel by shifting weight back. you can give yourself a chance to get used to it, since it is not intrinsically an error, or you can adjust the insole and lift at the back, so that you achieve a more familiar feel.
i hope this helps.
gary beacom

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