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So it's just about summer time in Alberta and I have summer school in 5 weeks. The skates I've been skating and preforming in are all cut up (just the boots) but other then that they're in great condition even to be doing axles. But my coach doesn't want me to wear them for competitions. So my mom thought of the idea of getting another pair of skates. So I can use the new pair for competitions and my old pair for practice. I will have to break in my new skates over the summer, I only skate for 3 weeks. But is this a good idea ? Having 2 pairs of skates, or will it mess me up ?

I happen to have many pairs on the go myself, Emily, which is rare for figure skaters. If you do get two pairs of skates, make sure the blades are mounted identically. Stress this to whoever mounts the blades and leave the old skates with them for comparison. You can also reduce adaptation time by ensuring they are both sharpened with precision. An additional consideration is that it is unlikely that they will both be broken in to the same degree. One pair is likely to be stiffer than the other. Figure out how long before the competition you should shift to the new skates. It may take as much as a few weeks to fully adjust from one pair to the other. If I wanted to devote myself to a competition that was important to me, I would probably not switch from one boot to the other more often than necessary.
Maybe your coach would be fine with the old ones if you spiff them up with a little polish!
There are advantages with having two pairs of skates as well. You might consider a different colour!

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