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Hello, I need help please. I have two daughters who are skating in synchro and freestyle. they are working on double jumps. They both need new blades. They only have the basic professional blades now. Many of their friends have pattern 99. revolution pattern 99. gold seal, My daughters are scared they will loose their spinning ability. Can you please recommend a good blade for them. I also am curious and read pros and cons about parabolic blades. please help your input would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
PS  also the blades I mentioned above come in regular or parabolic I am so confused at this point they average about 50-100 dollars in price between the parabolic and regular and then there are the revolutions. I figured if I am spending 500 on blades my biggest concern is that they will be able to skate and maintain their skills they have learned thus far. please help

Hi Nancy,
As you suggest, changes affect consistency. However,we can adapt to change, and might want to set our sights into the future and make difficult modifications today.
Blade choice management is somewhat a matter of personal philosophy and preference.
The distance on ruler from toe pick to edges tangent point determines how far the skater will rock forward until toepick-ice grip. Changes in this distance happen suddenly when buying new blades (even the same brand and size), or gradually through sharpenings. Many refer to "rocker" when they would be more accurate referring to "concave zone" between rake and tangent point. New blades are all around 1 1/2 inches, except for some beginner blades that prevent face plants, but demand toe point position necessary for beginner spins!
A consideration in my opinion is simple geometry. Sharpeners have enough of a challenge without any gadgets or gimmicks. Parabolic is of minor importance for blade performance, as is side concavity. One of the downsides of Gold Seal, for example, is increased difficulty to sharpen level. If your sharpener is not high-end, don't spend tons on the hunk of metal!
Hope this gets your brain closer to shopping confidence, Nancy.

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