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Gary, this relates to hockey, but as a skating coach you are probably a good person to ask!
I am an overweight (working on it) 55 year old rec hockey player. I am not too bad either, but I have one issue to overcome. I think it is related to my weight and my lower back, and the fact that I sit for 10 hours a day as a bus driver. I am hoping you can show me some stretches or exercises to help. When I come to a stop after retrieving the puck, I have the bad habit of stopping and looking to make good pass. Honestly, I also use the opportunity to rest! Then, it is hard to get going again. I know I should stay in motion. What can I do, as for stretches or exercises, to help me go from a stopped position, usually wide leg, back to motion again?

Hi Barry,
Thanks for your question. It is difficult to answer without more details. It definitely won't hurt to lose the weight, but that is a small-brainer! How is your breathing? Remind yourself to keep it deep and full while you are playing and while you are not! As for exercises to recommend to overcome the problem, I am at a loss. I do find it is nice to lean forward and stretch the lower back. You might also benefit from rotating arms back and forth twisting at the waist. Do these with gradual increase in flexibility as you warm up.
Cheers, and good luck to you!

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