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I play old timers rec. hockey, dont figure skate, but I figured a skating expert might have a good answer!
I have the worst body type for skating/hockey. Short, stocky, very short legs with a short natural stride.
The usual recommended styride technique does not work for me. My strides are choppy and dont generate much push for the effort.
I was experimenting recently, and discovered that if I get low, push off with one skate, but keep the other on or barely touching the ice, I get more speed with less effort. It seems unconvential-like a waterbug.
Should I keep practicing this, or work on a more convential stride?

Use reasoning and experiments to figure out the best way to get moving, Bud. We push sideways off the foot because that is where the grip is, and we glide lengthwise because there is little friction in that direction. How to use these facts bio-mechanically is the puzzle. Practice symmetry of both legs to identify quirks, and ensure alignment of leg joints by maintaining solid deliberate contact of footprint with boot sole. Beyond such fundamentals, there is no single right way of skating.
I hope this gets you thinking even deeper about how to get that puck into the net without dilly dally.
Happy hockey!

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