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Tanik wrote at 2006-06-19 20:09:03
I can't believe you forgot about Debi Thomas...the only African-American figure skater to medal at the Winter Olympics (1988, Bronze). She was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. If you just Google her name you get all kinds of articles about her, including one from What a terrible answer this was. You guys need to do a better job of putting these "experts" together.

Darryl Reuben Hall wrote at 2006-11-06 04:18:59
How sad of you to lack so much knowledge on the build of African-Americans. People are all build differently. I, myself, am an accomplished figure skater and have never had a problem rotating in the air. African-Americans, we do not all have big builds. You should feel quite ashamed of your response and to forget Debi Thomas is a disgrace!

KnightTime wrote at 2006-12-24 23:22:10
Theron James

Rory Flack Burghart

Probably a few more up and coming.  

ga945 wrote at 2014-02-01 21:02:11
Please look up Debi Thomas 1988 Winter Olypmics Bronze Medal winner and 2 time US Nationals Figure Skating Champion. She accomplished this while being a full time student at Stanford University working on a degree to become a doctor. Battle of the Carmens was what the media dubbed her skating rival with Katarina Witt.  

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I can answer questions almost all questions about singles skating, from taking tests to competitions to learning new jumps. I have knowledge of technique and may be able to help out with questions about learning new jumps or spins. I an also help out with the artisitic aspect of the sport. I have a minimal knowledge of pairs, dance, and synchronized skating. Additionally, I can answer questions about judging, such as which would be more favorable in the eyes of a judge or why a certain placement may have occured. I can also answer questions about becoming a judge, starting to figure skate, questions for spectators, questions for parents. I have knowledge of sports psychology, especially for figure skaters, and I can give tips for the mental aspect of the sport. I can also give advice for skaters or their parents who are concerned about burning out, moving on after the skating life, or continuing skating through the older years. I can also help with tips about balancing school and skating.


I have been a figure skater for eleven years. I have passed my senior freestyle test and I trained with Mark Mitchell and Peter Johannson at the Skating Club of Boston (they have coached many nationally ranked skaters, such as Scott Smith, Jessica Houston, Louann Donovan, Julianna Connorozzo, Melanie Drogseth, and many others). I was competitive in the New England area until the competitive season of 2000-2001, when I decided to stop training for competitive skating.
I have gone through many experiences with the mental part of the sport, and I have attended seminars about sports psychology as well as met personally with psychologists about such concepts as being a better figure skater, being a better competitor or test-taker, and making the decision about when it is time to stop skating competitively, as well as dealing with that decision.
I am currently training to become a judge. My mentor is a national level judge, and I have gone to judges schools and been critiqued by national and international level judges.
As far as balancing school and skating goes, I was a very competitive skating throughout my high school years, and I maintained an excellent academic record. I am now an undergraduate engineering student at an Ivy League school.
I also have experience teaching ballet to figure skaters.

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trained with Mark Mitchell and Peter Johannson
2003 Judges School

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