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QUESTION: Hello, i am Yoland want to ask how to make report about what is done by the user.

I have 6 tables that are interconnected call it (source) (alamat) (Print) (rekapan) (History alamat) (history FIFO). On each table there field called it modified by and created by auto containing each user account name.

my question is how in the layout can create a report that contains what has been done including user delete a record, making the record

This view that I want to apply on the layout

user     Date       Time    decription
Jodi     12/26/2012 10:15   delete records in the table rekapan, recapan layout view,

What should I do? script how should I use? Give me an example sriptnya too.

Thank you for its support

ANSWER: Hi Yolanda;

I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

This is something a lot of Filemaker users want to do, but there is no easy way.   You will have to make a separate table just for this report.   Then anytime someone deletes or creates a record, it will have to be done with a script, and the script will go to the other table and create a new record and document the action.

Do you understand?


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QUESTION: yes i am understand... which condition of formula or value how should i use??

First, create a separate table called Events

Then go back to each of your original tables and create scripts that will log the information to Events and attach them to buttons.  The events will only be captured if the user clicks the button.   For example;

Set Variable "Variable A" (Field A)
Set Variable "Variable B" (Field B)
Go to Layout (Events)
Set Field (User;User)
Set Field (Field A; "Variable A")
Set Field (Field B; "Variable B")
Go to Layout (Original layout)

And so on.   Do you see what this does?

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