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Need a few small pricing changes and someone to speak with regarding another issue with printing invoices... The invoices are sent to the bookkeeper PDF and the client is going by date on a sort, but the problem is, I have to force a date on him, he has at times modifies earlier invoices, and then they show up in the sort to print to the PDF.  I am trying to think of a way to do this differently without the annoying "PLEASE DATE the current invoice"


Hello and welcome to AllExperts and the FileMaker support area!
I have a few questions for you before we get started:
Where are you located?  (time zone is important)
What version of FileMaker Pro are you using?
What is your platform? (Macintosh, PC, iPad/iPhone?)
How many users?
Do you use FileMaker Pro Server?
Do you use FileMaker Pro Advanced?

Back to your question:
What do you mean by "small pricing changes?"
What other "printing issues" are you having? Is this the Please Date current invoice issue?
I am not entirely sure I understand the PDF issue you are having. It sounds like you send a PDF to the bookkeeper and you are having trouble sorting the invoices if there is no date on the invoice?
It also sounds like older invoices are being modified and then they show up sorted in a way that is not expected?
I really would need to talk to you on the phone or have you send me a copy of the database so that we can look at it together. Otherwise we can do a screen sharing sessions.
Please give me a call: 312-635-0900

I look forward to hearing from you.



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