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Filemaker/extracting email from enclosing letters


Hi Jamey, I hope this will be easy for you but I can't find the right text function to save my life.

When I copy emails from OS X Mail, they appear in this format:

john thorne <>.

I want to strip away everything through the < on the left and the > on the right to yield a pure email address. Obviously, the text preceding the one of the left will be of a different length each time depending on the name. So the < would be the key. ("Strip from left through >" would be the ideal way, but I can't find any text function that does this.

I thought I could figure out how to remove the > at the end, but the right text functions seem to want to remove everything but >. So I'm stuck there, too.

Since I process these emails several times a day, any light you can cast on this would be very gratefully received!  John


The function you are looking for (I believe) is going to be PatternCount.   You're going to have to familiarize yourself on how to use that because I dont know.  Ive seen it used before, but I really am not sure how it works.

Here is an example from a script step that someone wrote for me:

Case (

PatternCount ( ImportField ; "*ZZ*CSXINC" ) = 1 ; "CSX" ;
PatternCount ( ImportField ; "AH2RT" ) = 1 ; "UP" ;
"Error" )

So, it analyzes the Pattern and if its true, returns a 1.  So the bottom line is you will have to set up a script most likely to analyze the existing field using PatternCount.  If it returns a "1", it will require an action.......if it returns a "0" it will require another action.

Im also working on another angle on getting you a better answer.  Email me at and I will try to get you some help.



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