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input layout  
QUESTION: I am trying to set up a data base for a non-profit to use to track donations.  I have created five different tables: individual data, donation data, volunteer hours data, memorial gifts data, and in-honor gifts data.  All is going fine as long as I want to track data by individual...for individual "A" show (in portals) data from the related files...all linked by a system-generated id# for that individual. For the donation data table, one donor may have 20 entries, another 2 entries, and another no old computer science terms we used to call these push-down stacks. So far so good.  I can do input and print all desired data for individual records. Now, I need to make a list of all donations, regardless of donor.   Now I want to create a printed list of all donations by date, for all records (individuals) in the data base...not by record. I visualize this as a chain of all of the donation entries in all of the push-down stacks.  I basically now want work with donations, not with donors.


So it sounds like you need to use the donation table to make this report.
What version are you using?
Mac or PC?
If you send me the file I can take a look. Or we do a screen share tomorrow.
Jeffrey Cannon, 312-961-4742

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

rough donation table, thanks
rough donation table,  
QUESTION: I did it.  Thanks for the suggestion.  It is now working just the way I want it too.  I just have to make it look better.  Your response was so quick and had just the hint that I needed. I thought that I had tried using the donation table, but evidently I used the basic table and just took all the fields from the donation table.  All is good.

Did you get two e-mails from me, the first with the file and another with some thoughts?  They seemed to go through.  And then I tried to send another that bounced saying that the remote host said that it appeared to be an unsolicited message.  All were sent to the same e-mail address,   Strange.


Hmmm. I don't know if I got an email from you. What is the email address?

And yes, you can actually create a report in either table, the Donor table with fields from the Donations table or you could just create a report in the Donations table. There is nothing "wrong" with either approach. There can be advantages to using one over the other.

I have no idea what a push-down stack is! What planet does that come from? Seriously. What programming language? I just like to know.

So do you need more help? And with what exactly? Making is pretty? Or interface (getting TO the report and BACK again?). Did I mention that donation databases is one of my personal experience areas and have created several of these solutions for customers over the years. FileMaker is a very useful tool for non-profits and other organizations (associations) who collect money.

I am including a couple screen shots of a Donation tool for non-profit that costs $99, developed by a good friend of mine, John Mark Osborne who has a firm (Database Pros). You might check it out. If not to use it, to tear it apart and learn from it.



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