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QUESTION: I have a database of my products with prices, serial no, name, etc.
I have about 700 products. The manufacturer raises the product prices every year by a certain percentage.I create a new calculation field every year and add say 0.05 to my existing prices to get the new price.

My problem is that I end up with too many price columns that I don't need. I would like to erase or get rid of the previous year's price column. I don't know how to do that without loosing my current price.

Thank you.


You only need two fields.  PRICE is the actual price field that you will use to keep the prices in and PRICECALC is the temporary field you will use to update the prices.   Replace the data in the PRICECALC field with a calculation that gets the new prices correct.   Do you understand?   Whatever you have to do to get the correct prices, put it in the PRICECALC field (so that you don't take a chance on messing up the current prices in the PRICE field)

Then, when the prices are correct in PRICECALC, simply replace the data in the PRICE field with PRICECALC.  Does this make sense?   Email me at and I will help you further.


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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply.

Yes this is what I do every year but how do I replace the data in PRICE with PRICECALC? Also how do I avoid all the past sale and invoice amounts from changing?

Once you have determined that the data in the PRICECALC field is correct and thats what you want in your PRICE field, just click into the PRICE field in any record and choose Records > Replace Field Contents > Replace with Calculated Results > and specify the calculation to be PRICECALC.  This will replace the contents of the PRICE field with the contents of PRICECALC.

Now, if you do this, your invoice amounts WILL change.   It sounds like you need to change your database around so that the old invoices will remain the same.   Email me directly, and I will help you.



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