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What would happen to my dollar money in the event of a hyperinflation meltdown scenario, if it's in say a foreign etf?

  Thank you for your question!
Unfortunately placing funds in an ETF that is focused on international holdings would not fully protect you if there is hyperinflation. There are several problems. First, ETF (exchange traded funds) are foreign companies that trade on US Exchanges, as well as their local international exchange. Because they have shares trading on US exchanges, it is not truly international investing, they are generally correlated somewhat to the moves of the US stock markets.
  Also your holdings would be in US dollars. So even if the dollar value of the ETF held up, the purchasing power of the dollars you had in the ETF would be completely subject to the high inflation. In that even if the ETF did not drop in absolute value, the purchasing power of the funds you had in the ETF would drop, and be fully subject to inflation.
   The idea of using ETF's is sound, but its not as simple as buying into a single ETF that focuses on foreign markets. Here is an article I found that makes some, in my opinion, good suggestions on ETF investments that could resist inflation a bit more than your standard investments:

I hope that helps! Please reply if I can offer anything additional.

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