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Stock: Heublein, Inc.
Purchased: 1974
My father purchased this stock for me when I was 17.  I obviously did not know much about stocks because I did nothing with it.  At one time I was getting dividends but I requested that they be put back into purchasing stocks.  I lost track of the company and now find it was sold several years ago.  I don't know how to determine if I should frame the stock or wallpaper over it and let someone in the future get really excited.  It was not a huge amount but I would like to get an idea of how to go about finding an answer to where I start, etc.  
Thanking you in advance.

   Thank you for your question!
This on is a little complicated. I found some articles online that indicate Heublein was acquired by R.J. Reynolds in the early 80's, which then re organized into RJR Nabisco. This company stopped operating in the late 90's, but R.J. Reynolds and Nabisco still exist.
   When companies acquire other companies, the stock usually goes along for the ride.  So it is possible that you have stock in one of the current companies.  The stock will have split, probably several times, so the number of shares you own would have actually increased, and also have to be adjusted for whatever the acquisition deals were.
   If these companies are still publicly traded, then your stock would be worth something. Its possible its worth more than you would guess, if all the right things happened, such as multiple stock splits, and acquisitions by public companies (rather than private).
   The only real way is to contact the companies.

Here is a link that discusses the history of the company Hueblein:

There are links in the article to the companies that still exist, R.J. Reynolds and Nabisco. I believe that RJ reynolds is public, but that Nabisco is private.

I would contact the investor relations department of each company, with your stock certificate in hand.  That would be the only real way to determine the value of the certificate. Don't let the low number of shares turn you off. It is likely they are not worth much, but if the stock split several times, and depending on the nature of the acquisitions, it is possible it would surprise you.

Look up the companies online, and see if you can find an investor relations department in their contact information to call or email.

I hope this helps, please do not hesitate to follow up with me if I can be of any additional service.

Paul Henneman
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