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I have a 1965 letter from Petrolia Corporation to my Mom saying Amber Oil Company had bought them. Mom had a note that she had 25 shares with the certificate #, but I've found no certificate. Is the company still in business, and if I only have the certificate number, is there a way to see if this is of any value?
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  Thank you for your question!
Yes, there are things you can do if the certificate has been lost, but you do have the number. Here is a link I found that explains the options:
The above is from the SEC website, so should be perfectly solid and reliable information.

The only match to Amber Oil I can find is for the company at this link:
This is an oil company in Ireland, and may not be the one you are looking for, it does not even appear to be publicly traded. However, you could send them an inquiry to the contact information on that website to be sure.

It is likely that the certificates have no value, but not a certainty. It is possible that Amber Oil was then bought out by another company, so still exists under a different name. The only way to be sure is to have a professional search done.  There are several small companies who will research old certificates, but they do charge small fees. Here is a link to a website that lists some of the search services:
The above site is created and hosted by the SEC, so should be completely reliable.
Here is a private company with inexpensive stock certificate search services:

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