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Yes, you didn't answer my follwup. I wanted you to answer whether a $10,000 car loan is too much for someone earning maybe $140 a week, but while leaving the details of having few debts and some money to put down aside. I'd like to think that I don't need to drain my savings just to buy a car that is already 5 years old. So putting all those finacial bonuses aside, should someone take out that kind of loan while earning so little, and if not a $10,000 loan, how cheap a car should someone get at the most expensive under the one known condition of income?


I already told you in my first email that I thought the car cost too much for your income.

no more than $5,000

I have given you my best advice, but it appears that you only want to be critical of me and my thoughts.

Do as you please and good luck.

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