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Hi Bobbi,

I've flipped a few homes, all under my personal name, and want to do more. I want to start putting future properties in my company name (LLC) for various reasons, but will most likely have to finance the properties personally through conventional lending as my company does not have a credit history. Is it possible to finance a property in my personal name but list the owner as my LLC? If so, will that help build credit under my LLC?


You need to talk with your Accountant/CPA or your Lawyer to see if that can be done, but I'm sure you can't finance residential properties under a business name. One thing I'm going to make you aware of though; there are only a few banks out there that finance up to 10 properties, and the majority of the banks will only finance up to 4 properties.

Hope this answers your question, even though I know it isn't the one you wanted.

Good luck.... :)

Bobbi Buehl
Sr. Loan Officer

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