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Finches/how old is my Zebra finch


Tiffany wrote at 2012-05-30 02:55:05
Hi, There isn't a good way to tell the age of zebra finches although they will have black beaks until 2 months old. I've heard you can look at their legs and beaks to tell roughly how old they are smooth means young rough means older but I have found that not to be true.

I saw the answer above and would like to add a few things. Not all birds have bands around their legs some breeders band their birds others don't. Yes there are a few ways to sex Zebra finches. If you have a normal grey zebra finch the males Have orange cheek patches and chestnut flanks females don't. There are several different mutations so not all have the cheek patches or chestnut flanks such as whites They are all white and even lack the tear mark. Another way to sex zebra finches is by looking at the beak males have a red beak females have an orange beak.

As for looking at the vent (butt) zebra finches have feathers around the vent male or female. As to the missing feathers around the males vent it could be due to plucking sometimes they will pluck the vent area to use for nesting material.

Yes you can order scatt online for air sack mites but the symptoms for air sack mites are also similar to A respiratory infection. Both are contagious. You can order Baytril for Respiratory infections also over the Internet.  

Jordyn wrote at 2013-02-19 07:12:14
I see you already got your answer but if it had no feathers it could be young or stressed and losing them but don't worry they do grow back and if you want to tell if there boys or girls the boys have red beaks and usually orange cheeks but not always and for girls they have orange beaks. Hope this helped just a little.


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