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Hello, I have a pair of finches that just had a clutch of 4 hatchlings. The hatchlings are about 3 days old. Beginning yesterday afternoon, my female won't let the male any where near the nest and if he moved from a certain spot in the cage, she chases him relentlessly. She's caught him a couple of times, pulling out his feathers and making him squawk. I think I should remove him but before I do I have questions.  The hatchlings are thriving, will the female be able to keep up with them on her own? And...if I remove the male, the only other place I have to put him is in a cage that has a fledgling. It is a bigger cage though. I was going to get a bigger cage for the larger family but I read that if the nest gets disturbed they could abandon the nest. Obviously, I don't want that to happen.  I appreciate any help you can give.  Thank you.

It's best to leave mom and babies alone. Some females are extremely protective of their young. Leave him FOR NOW but keep a very close eye on the cage. Most females will eventually relax once they realize the males won't harm their young. If she doesn't, remove him from the cage but keep him close to the cage. You may end up having to help the mother with feeding since it'll get to be a little rough for her.
You are right NEVER disturb a nest, the chances of the babies being abandoned are high


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