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So, this morning i woke up to my find my female zebra finch bird, Jill, at the bottom of the cage i reached in there to change their food(i have a male and female in there) and she normally flies around and chirps loudly every time I do this, nothing today. She just stayed in her spot on the cage floor. So, confused, I moved my hand towards her and she just tried to hop away. So i picked her up and she just layed on her back in my hand. And at point she stretched out one of her wings and then went back limp. She keeps her eyes closed when I hold her. And then after like a minute she bit me! It didn't hurt i mean she's just a little bird. But still.. She has three eggs she layed the third one yesterday. What could be wrong with her? I'm so worried about her:( And her mate, Jack, He'd be so lost without her. They've been together for so long. And I don't have any money to take her to a vet. So it's all up to me. Someone please help.. I'm so distraught over this.... Thanks so much!

You may be forced to swallow the expense and take her to a vet. It could be she is low on calcium considering she just laid eggs. I suggest buying calcium supplements from and get that going in her water in case she's trying to deal with a wind egg. Keep the cage temperature at a MINIMUM of 30C to help with stress.
Also, hold her up to your ear and listen to her breathing, if you hear clicking, she has air sac mites ( for info) which is easily treated with Scatt from
If those don't work, a vet trip is vital


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