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I've had a pair of Orange-Cheeked Waxbill finches for about 7 months, bought from a local chain pet store. A few days ago, the female of the pair died suddenly to to egg binding. (We had done our best to keep her pass it, but that rarely ever works.)
I know it's important for finches to be in pairs, but I have been unable to find one of the same species. Since it's not a super-popular species, it is not often stocked in the pet store, (the manager said she has no clue when they'll get more) and the closest breeder is states away. Buying birds online/by mail is just a bad idea.
I hung a mirror in my surviving finch's cage for the time being, but I don't want to leave my buddy alone for too long. Is there another species that he would be able to bond with? What are my options?

The best thing you can do is find another species of Waxbill that would be compatible with your Orange cheeked waxbill. After some research I have discovered that your bird belongs the "Estrilda" genus so your best bet would be to research what birds fall in that category and do research on personality and how they interact with other species of birds.
The chances of them mating and producing a hybrid are slim to none but at least your little guy wouldn't be alone.
Other than that, you're only other option is to hand tame the bird so you become his new mate. Finches can be hand tamed. I've done it myself. I don't usually recommend this though because of how fragile finches are compared to parrots.


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