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Ok I Left alone, mom and dad(pair1)went to other side of cage, have nest on that side, after few days I took eggs out of dirty cage (abandoned by pair 1and  baby) i put with another pair(pair2) . Pair 2 hatched them along with theirs not sure how many  hatched 4/5 and ok I think , Now pair 1 , mom had 6 new eggs, in dirty nest so I moved them to clean next where they moved to, she is starting to sit on and starting to chase baby, baby IS eating egg, think seed, gosh how do I stop them, (pair 1) laying eggs that is, and taking care of the one sole baby, mom is being mean, may hurt baby. I don't have a third pair. I do have 2 males in third cage.
Help, lm in over my head, I was given 4 males and 2 females, bought one extra lg cage 6 wicker baskets all was good for one week then  they were all fighting so I purchased 3 separate cages . Now I'm in trouble

I'm not entirely sure what your question is. You want them to stop laying eggs? The only sure way to do that is to remove the nests completely but that doesn't sound like an option. There are two things you can try. The first is to limit the amount of food to one type and just a couple dishes of it. This will make the birds think that there isn't enough food to raise babies. Another more effective method is to change what time they get up and go to bed. Longer nights and shorter days will make then think it's winter and lower the chances of them breeding.  You may end up having to care for the fledgling yourself though


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