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Hi, my female Java is not well:
she started losing feathers a week ago but is now bald on head, chest and looks like a bird that has been plucked. Her poo is runny too. She is just over a year old..
We bought her with a male and they live together in a large indoor cage. They did get on but we noticed that he started pecking at her and then she lost her tail feathers. We have never given them nesting material and they haven't had babies.
We then separated them but she seems no better. She is eating and drinking.

What can I do? Is she stressed because she hasn't had babies? Any advice would be great, thanks

Sorry for the late reply. It sounds like she is still recovering from her stress. From the sounds of things, the male was trying to bully her into mating (or just being a bully period). The best thing for stressed birds is lots of quiet time and a cage temperature of around 30C to make sure she doesn't get sick. Other that, make sure she had clean water and food and there's not much else you can do. You did the right thing removing the male and it's best to keep the male separate. If you can move the cage, try moving it to a quiet room of the house where she can relax and get better. I find having the cage facing a window the birds can look out of and get sun does wonders for them, just make sure the cage isn't too close to the window in case of a draft!


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