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We have a cage where we house society, zebra, and gouldian finches ( 2 each ). We move the cage back and forth between a covered patio outside and inside the house, depending on the weather. When the cage is outside at night we cover it as it can be cool in the central valley of California at night, even when it is hot during the day. A few nights ago, it would appear that something startled the finches during the night and both Lady Gouldian finches were injured. I suspect " night terrors" where it was too dark in the cage and they could not relocate their perch and as a result they beat their self against the side of the cage. I had to put the male down due to a badly broken wing. It does not appear the female has any bad injury to her wings, but she has not been able to fly since this event. She can only fly up around 6 - 8 inches. I put her in a smaller cage for recovery. I have learned from this and this will not happen a second time. My question is : do you think she will regain her ability to fly and should I introduce another male to her cage?

I would wait until she is fully recovered before introducing a new male. She sounds pretty traumatized. Putting her into a recovery cage was a very good idea. If you haven't done so already,  move her to a quiet room in the house (I would keep her indoors for now) preferably one with a window ahe can look out of and get plenty of sun. I like to keep my recovery cages around 30C.
She may regain some of her ability to fly in time but there's no guarantee. For now make sure there are enough perches so she can hope from perch to perch or fly to. I've had some gouldians regain flight after they've had some quiet time to recover and others that never do.


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