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Finches/zebra finch loose in the neighborhood


We have a male zebra finch that I assume got out of its cage and every evening it comes to the community pool. We have set out seed for him and he always gets a drink of water. He only stays around for about 10-20 minutes and then flies off. My main question is can he survive our winters here in Little Elm Texas (Dallas area). We are on a lake so it has plenty of water to drink. It can get below freezing around here and can he adapt. We know it is a male as his beak is bright orange and he sings. At present he looks healthy but will not allow us to get any closer than about 2 feet. If we put up a bird house will he use it or does it need to be a open nest in a tree. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS

Its hard to say but he stands a good chance of using the house if it has food, water, and the finch thinks it's safe. Zebras prefer covered nests so a full wicker nest with plenty of nesting material would be ideal.

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