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Jayme_Alaska wrote at 2008-05-06 05:58:31
It's a myth that the parents will abandon the chick if touched by human hands. It was probably on the ground because it's learning how to fly/forage right now. The parents stand watch and feed the chick from the ground until it can fly.

Twinmom26 wrote at 2009-06-03 22:19:38
It is a fallacy that the parents will abandon a baby bird if you touch them. Birds have a VERY bad sense of smell. If you can find the nest then put him back, the birds you think are watching him are most likely the parents. If you are any where near they won't come. Leave the bird where you found him and the parents will take care of him. Keep an eye on him (from a distance where the parents can't see you)to make sure they come back. If not PLEASE bring him to a vet and they will find a wildlife rehabilitator. It's VERY common for these birds to fall out of nests and the parents still take care of them.

debbie wrote at 2012-05-05 17:28:59
we returned baby finch after 24 hours and many finches came and fed him, and encouraged him to go up the tree. we placed in tree and they continued to feed him. He fell out many times, fat and happy. we repeated till he was full, brought back hom and will continue to do this until he can fly. :)

Alisha wrote at 2012-05-20 03:10:20
It is an old wives tale that birds will abandon their young if a person touches them. It is FALSE. The best course of action is to find the nest and return them to it. The parents will continue to take care of the baby no matter how much the baby bird has been touched.

Here are some more facts about this:  

Finch Foster Mom wrote at 2013-08-08 00:22:19
I found a baby finch a week ago,  sib was dead and babe was on the ground,  I fed it bread/milk and egg yolk the first day.  Wasn't sure how long it had been without food but it was hungry. I put it in one of the spare cages and gave it water and seed and more cooked egg yolk.  About 2 hrs later babe started chirping. As I was getting ready to feed it Mom?  came down and fed it thru the bars,  she's been back every 2-3 hours during the day since,  it's going on a week,  I bring it inside at night and it chirps to eat at 6:30,  I hand the cage outside and within 5-10 min of babe calling mom comes by. Sometimes up to 5 have shown up and will sit around and wait & eat some food I've left out for them.  I'm amazed.  My dilemma is now when to let it go.  It's starting to flap its wings but I think it still needs a couple of more weeks.  I still handle this babe every day to clean it's cage and change food/water.  I've used baby pablum in the past with domestic finch but this is a first for me to have mom feed thru the bird cage. I'm amazed


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