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Finding Your Purpose in Life/What is my purpose and next career path?


I am a twenty eight year old mother who works full time. I have a degree in veterinary sciences; as I originally wanted to be a veterinarian because I love animals.I had previously worked as a veterinary technician, but always wanted to be the doctor. While applying to vet school, I started to second guess my career path. A lot of our friends around us were having babies, buying beautiful houses and going on luxurious vacations. My husband had worked 4-5 jobs at one time, sometimes working over 100 hours a week, for the past 4 years so that I could go to college (undergrad). He was starting to get extremely tired. I felt as if our relationship was unbalanced, as he was the main source of income. I felt awful that I wasn't financially contributing, and it caused a lot of stress and fighting between the two of us. I graduated in 2007, during the recession, so the outlook on landing a solid job was frightening. While applying to vet school and going on interviews, I also decided to apply for jobs just in case, as a backup plan. At the last second, I withdrew my vet school applications. I had already accumulated over $100,000 in debt for my undergrad and the average cost of vet school was 50K per year. I just couldn't imagine having $300,000 worth of debt, and putting my husband through another 4+ years of no sleep-constant work so that I could go to school.

On my husband's birthday, I was offered a job in the medical device industry, at one of the leading US companies. I took that as a sign of fate and accepted the Corporate job. The salary was more than I had ever imagined (much more than I would have made as a veterinarian). Turns out I loved it, and was really good at my (desk) job. I even applied to a graduate program in the Regulatory Affairs major. However, I soon found it dry, repetitive and boring so I did not finish the Master's Program. There are days where I love my job, because I feel like the work I am doing is helping to improve patient care. Working at a multi-billion dollar worldwide Corporation has it's pros and cons. But, trying to work your way up the corporate ladder is competitive and stressful. There is alot of political and corporate politics and mindgames that are played. I am a very competitive person by nature and set high expectations and goals for myself. I find my job often too stressful and no longer rewarding. I go into work everyday, just for the paycheck to support my family. And recently, my company has announced there will be layoffs, US jobs will be shipped oversees, "out-sourced" in order to save money. The thought that a US-based company will cut US jobs and outsource, is maddening. It makes my blood boil, and I have lost confidence in my company. My job and department is the next to be outsourced. The thought that my lucrative job is about to end is stressing me out. Knowing that I will lose my job, has made me question my career choice, and question my next steps in life. What am I to do know?

We have a 1.5 year old son, a hefty mortgage, two car payments, two student loans, and some personal and credit card debt. There is no way that we can afford our life as we know it, if I get laid off. My husband keeps telling me that my next job has to pay as well as this job in order for us not to lose our house. But, I am struggling with my next career path in life. Do I stay in the Corporate Medical Field and just take a job because it "pays well" even if it makes me unhappy and unsatisfied, or do I find something that makes me happy, that doesn't pay as well? And what is it that will make me happy? I have no answer. I lose sleep at night trying to search within myself to answer this question.

Maybe getting laid off is a blessing in disguise, a chance for me to explore other options, a chance for me to be home more with my son. I want to do something that I am proud of, and that makes me happy. I don't think I want to work for some large Corporation that doesn't care about me, I'd like to be my own boss, and make my own hours. I know money isn't everything, but we need it to survive and pay the bills.

Could you please help to shed light on my purpose in life? What should I do next? I am struggling to find my next path in life, and I am open to your expertise. Thank you!

Mrs. Chase,
Thanks for stopping by. I would like to applaud your efforts in looking for resolution. First and foremost let me point out the obvious. You are where you are today based solely upon the actions you took yesterday. So take a look at that mountain of stuff that you see as an obstacle, accept that fact that you built it, and empower yourself with the knowledge that you now have to dismantle it.

It is never an easier task to dismantle the thing that you created that brings you disharmony in your life. It is, however, simple to do particularly if you proceed in a strategic manner. It is important to take full responsibility for it. If you believe that life happens to you instead of you happening to life then frustration, stress, fear, and weakness take over. You will feel powerless to do anything. But, that's not you. By you being here, you've stepped up as a life warrior and will tackle this head on. Again, I applaud you.

Since you can't change what happened in the past, let's focus on now with the hope that you've learned a valuable life lesson. That lesson is - The pursuit of a thing is much more exciting than having that thing. As a competitive individual, competing gives this awesome feeling right up to the moment you've won. I am not saying that winning isn't thrilling. Please don't take offense but it is similar in kind to sex. The lead up to it, the foreplay, even while in the act is sort of an intense high that culminates in the explosion at the end which is amazing in and of itself but short-lived. It is never as good as it was at first. We are creatures of this habit. We start things with the fervor of getting to the finish line but once there it's over.

We are achievement junkies. We see something we want, get it, and continually repeat the process. We never run out of things to achieve but at some point when we look back at our lives, we discover that we have achieved much accept a sense of purpose. And, what is that?

Your purpose is what's driving you to compete. It is much more sublime than all of the things that you desire. You can't use your five (5) senses to detect it; however, you know it's there. You've sensed it all along. Instead of figuring what it is directly, you've used the process of elimination by ridding yourself of all the other "stuff". There's no right way or wrong, it's just your way. What's most important is that you recognize it.

My advice to you is to set aside some special time for your number one fan - your husband. Take him to dinner, look him lovingly in the eye, and thank him for supporting you. He needs to feel his relevance in your life and not feel like a beast of burden. Explain to him how wonderful he's been by standing in your corner and supporting you while you are going through life changes and challenges. Make no promises other than things will be different because life is a learning process and change is the only constant.

Now back to you. Let's reverse your thought processes. You've approached life looking for something to do instead of first figuring out who you'd like to "BE". It's a subtle confusion. Consider for a moment that by focusing on Being the doing part comes easily. Your "being" is how you will express yourself to the world. It will be your thing, the thing you do that no one else can do as well as you and the beauty of it all is that you will only grow in it but never actually accomplish it.

You have to start thinking about putting forth your greatest effort to help mankind by using your gift. When you do, you will be compensated immensely. As it if far beneficial to focus on your giving as opposed to receiving. So what is your gift? Like most, you may have many but there is one that is far superior. Unfortunately, I cannot determine that based upon the information that you provided; but, I can offer you help in determining that. This tool will unlock some doors for you and provide some aha moments. Should you have further questions, please don't hesitate to come back. Go here:

Finding Your Purpose in Life

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