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Hello, I am not so sure if you are the right person to answer my question (even though I hope you are!). I have a BA in Sound production and I currently work in a studio. The thing is I have lost my drive...or I never even felt it from the beginning. I feel like I can do more (and that was my intention...) but because of many skills...(I tend to be a jack of all but master of none...and this can get very frustrating) I don't know what to focus on.

Recently I have taken holistic healing courses and I just fell in love and found my passion...(I don't know if it will last as with everything else) and I was thinking I would shift my career by taking a masters in counseling and heading on from there....

I really think I am meant to do more than what I am doing now, and it feels like there is no room for growth!!! I want some help or advice please

Hello Anonymous,
Instead of lamenting your fate, I want you to embrace it. It is quite a blessing to have so many good qualities to choose from and opportunities to make them happen. Also, what I'd like you to do is flip this situation on its head and look at it a different way.

At one time you had a passion for what you are currently doing. After accomplishing this goal, you don't feel the same inspiration. That is all quite normal. The achievement of a goal ends the dream in a strange way. All the sacrificing, planning, dreaming, etc. is now over because you have arrived at your destination. The journey, however, is far from over.

Look at your life as a series of experiences. The question then becomes, why are you having the particular experiences? Generally what happens is that we tend to travel in the same circle. It looks as if we are doing something different when in essence we are digging a groove in our lives.

If your answers are not leading you to know a significant answer, it is because you are too focused on what you should be doing and not on who you should "BE". This distinction is not a matter of semantics. By focusing on doing first is like trying to hit a target without taking aim. This process leads to you picking and doing things on a whim only to find that it is unfulfilling. By focusing on your "Be"ing, you then set the target for your life and the doing easily falls into place. The other benefit is that making decision becomes much easier. Whenever you are deciding to take an action, you must decide whether the action takes toward or away from your BEing.

You mentioned the good feeling of becoming a healer. Armed with the experience you've acquired through sound production, is it not possible for you to find a way of healing through sound. There are some practitioners of these techniques already but none of them have what you bring to it.

When deciding on your special purpose or "BE"ingness, think of the best and highest ideal you can imagine. You have to stretch yourself. Create a goal that seems almost impossible to reach and that will give you a sense of satisfaction because you are being of service to others. I might add that often this process is not taught in the halls of education. It pours out of you and BEing is a lifelong journey that allows you to constantly grow and expand.

You have to embrace the wonder, excitement, and blessing of being you. You are like no other and armed with that is your gift to the world. We, collectively, need you to BE all that you can. You are a key component of or thread in the fabric of life and not an insignificant speck of dust just floating around in space.

Wear your mantle of greatness well my friend. For more information -  

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