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I'm in my twenties and at a crossroads.  I have a BA and MA, and have recently started a second MA (in Anthropology) at the request of my current employer.  My employer is not assisting me financially with this degree, and I do not earn what I would consider to be a substantial income.  The problem is, I enjoy the field I am in but after the money and time (3 years) it will take me to finish this degree, I am not confident I will achieve a salary or position that will make it all worthwhile. This degree is proving to be difficult in terms of workload, and I'm relying on graduate assistantships to help pay for it. If my assistantship gets discontinued, I will likely have to take out a loan or take a semester off.

I like where I work very much, I wouldn't say I love it because I am not in the position I want to be in, but I'm just not happy with the salary and the lack of raise or promotion potential.  Also, the massive amount of work and stressing I'm doing over this degree, to not get any financial assistance is filling me with some animosity for my job, which is a problem. A promotion could happen, especially if someone quits or retires, but I work at a very small company and I don't want to bank on this.  

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should just quit this degree (I know in the short term at least I would be happier) or stick with it and hope for the best.  The degree will be helpful in the field I'm in, regardless of my current company.  A lot can happen in 3 years either way.  My options, I realize, are to look for another job in the same field which is very slim pickings right now, or change careers.  The only other thing I would want to do is also very risky, and that is to start my own art business, something I've done research into for a year.  Between working full time and going to school for this MA, trying to start a business on the side has been near impossible.  I feel like I need to choose one course of action and I'm not sure what to do.  I greatly appreciate your advice!

The Vision Board book
The Vision Board book  
The true question is not whether another graduate degree is right -- but where you are going and what is your vision. Are you looking at the whole scope of your life -- or just your job and school. Consider making a vision board see to see a free chapter of my book THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life and do the exercise on pages 16 & 17 to see what is truly in your heart not just your head.

On the left brain side of things-- why not consider getting a PhD rather than another masters? so you can at least teach. Starting your own business is fascinating-- so look online what is going on in the area of startups for your region/state/country etc. I do not know where you are.

My expertise and topic is : PURPOSE IN LIFE -- I'm sure you realize your purpose in life is much more than work or school. Sit down with your employer if possible and explain that the second degree is causing stress and see if a) you can get your hours shortened or b) get a student loan for your degree or c) get some kind of compensation to continue your degree. Good luck to you -- but remember LIFE HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE NOT LOOKING !

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