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I have a Bachelor's in Sociology. I am working on my Master's in Accounting and Finance Management. I am almost 35 years old and work as a Receptionist in a State of Oregon agency.

I have found passion in music, spirituality, social justice, compassion, perhaps not all of these are spiritual gifts.

I am not sure I am in the right career field. I have tried working as an Auditor. That was a good experience, although it ended abruptly because it was a developmental position.

I want to live my life each day with passion. I really hate being at my current job. It is not challenging, it does not give me energy, there is never enough for me to do. I ask for more to do, but nobody can think of anything for me to do. I want to make a difference everyday even at this current job, but I have no motivation (except for having an income).

I guess my question is this; How do I find the career that is my purpose? Oh, and I have Bipolar Disorder.

Thanks for writing, David.  I would suggest trying different volunteer positions.  It would seem that you would be a good fit for numerous charity organizations.  After a time, I would think you might be asked to take a paying position.  At any rate, having a volunteer position that allows you to use the gifts you mentioned, would help you endure better the time earning an income.
   However, the best approach is to find your purpose in life from a relationship with our Creator.  He has gone to great lengths to bridge the gap we all have because our sins separate us from Him.  If you have entrusted your life to Him and asked Him to forgive your sins by the sacrifice Jesus made for us, then you have access to the Source that powers the universe, the Source of everything good and valuable.  On our own, we have a brief chance at “success” which doesn’t amount to much compared to eternity.
   I pray that you have God’s eternal guidance.

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