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I worked one employer last year, but he kicked me out, of course I feel terrible.
This year he wants to hire me again, he said he did not hire anyone during these 3 months.
I am short of money, so I agreed to go back.
Then I found out he hired 2 employees during these 3 months. He lied to me.

The damage already happened, I don't think I can continue to work with him.

I only start last week, only make commission, not salary job.

Maybe I think too much?

Would you give me your answer?

Hi JJ,

Thanks for your question. In order to answer you fully I will need your birth date (and place if it was not in the tropics or Northern Hemisphere).  If you want me to analyse you and your bosses likely problem areas send me your bosses birth date as well.  Thanks

Write to me directly at where i will have more time and space in which to answer you.


Finding Your Purpose in Life

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