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Hello Joyce

I am 60 years old, male, and a business owner for the past 18 years.  I have spent my entire adult life in Chicago; I have an MBA degree.  And I am in a rut.

I've decided that I would like to move to Payson, AZ.  Why?  I love the outdoors, I love the Arizona outdoors, and Payson is lovely town right in the middle of the state.  Payson and Arizona are very different from Chicago and would give me a much needed change.

I am approaching the job situation from a different angle.  Instead of seeking a specific job or industry, I am looking for a specific work environment--I've told you about it in the foregoing paragraphs.  Outdoor work, travel, medium physical activity, are what I am after.  Could be government, NGO, or private enterprise, it really doesn't matter.

I guess my question would be:  are there resources that can help me with this type of search?  Have you heard of a similar situation with others?

Please help.



I actually think this is a novel appraoch to life change Pete -- deciding where and how you want to live and then going aftet th lifestyle. Take a look at the search engines for jobs and looka t the Payson Chamber of Commerce and newspapers etc. Put a google search for Payson Ariz ona -- I know Amex is in Arizona and they do a lot of work with startup companeis -- etc --with an MBA you'd make a good consultant for new startup companies who have ventue funding

According to wikipedia: Ninety-seven percent of the land around Payson is under the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service (Payson is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest) or by tribal governments. Consequently much of the land is available for hiking, horseback riding, fishing and hunting activities. Tonto Natural Bridge, the largest known travertine natural bridge in the world, is located just northwest of Payson in Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, a unit of the Arizona State Park system. The area incorporates three golf courses, two of which belong to private country clubs. Mazatzal Casino, a tribal casino, is operated by the Tonto Apache Indian Reservation near the south end of the city.

The Payson area is a popular destination for rockhounds. In various areas surrounding the community can be found quartz crystals rivaling Herkimer diamonds in quality, geodes, agate, and onyx. Fossils are commonly found in the Paleozoic strata that is exposed along the Mogollon Rim to the north and west of Payson along State Route 87 and State Route 260.

Payson is known for its rodeo which is the oldest continuous rodeo in the world.[6]

Payson has two large parks, Green Valley Park and Rumsey Park. A community swimming pool is located near Rumsey Park and the town hosts free outdoor concerts in the summer. Other activities include intramural sports like baseball and football. Payson also has a small skatepark.
So a) consider government jobs
b) search on and simply hired for jobs
c) consider teaching at a junior college for a year to get a lay of theland and consult
Make a vision board -- see my book :

Godo luck to you  

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