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I'm 35 years old, I ve always been "lost" career wise and I m scared I ll grow old and still be lost.
I ve tried so many fields, administration got bored, dental got tired, legal got frustrated with the system, health promoter got annoyed, nothing seems to ignite my passion.
If I m asked what is my dream job I would say be a Doctor or TV presenter, I can't be a doctor, too late (age, have young kids, can't afford it). I can't be a TV host/presenter, English is not my first language, I have accent, and I can't go back to school to study journalism.

I m frustrated that I m still lost at this age.
Please please please help.
Thank you.

You say that "nothing seems to ignite your passion." My question is: do you know what you are passionate about? Can you identify any activity in that past that you were passionate about, whether or not it was an income-producing job? If you can, then you are starting to get a clear picture of what appeals to you.
While career-hopping can be an effective way of finding the right match, it doesn't appear that you have had a clear focus on what you most like to do. Even your two "dream jobs"—doctor and TV presenter—are so different that it is almost as though you were talking about two different people.
Here are some strategies to try.
1. Look back at past jobs and identify one aspect that drew you to taking that position. That might give you a sense of what appeals to you as far as the type of work or the advantages of that career field.
2. In one sentence, write down why you want to be a doctor and why you want to be a TV presenter. What is drawing you to those two very different occupations?
3. Identify your preferences: do you like to work "out front" or behind the scenes? Do you prefer working with a group or independently? What is your income requirements—do you need to earn a certain amount of money and if so, how much? Then, look at your past jobs and see how well they matched your preferences.
4. Finally, as yourself what you are willing to do to find your "dream job"? Are you willing to go to school? To meet with a career counselor? To volunteer in certain positions to gauge your aptitude?

Finding the right job takes time and self-examination. You need to make sure that you are willing and able t put forth the effort to achieve what you want, once you figure out just what that is!  

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