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Hi Nancy,

I'm Russ. Not sure if you can help. In a nutshell I am 39 yrs old, studied biotech in college, worked in research for 10 yrs then went into sales in 2008 and have been doing it ever since. Problem is I feel completely unfulfilled, am not a very good sales person but deep down have this drive an ambition that wants to come out, only thing is i cant seem to find my calling. My current job has made me unmotivated and lazy and I hate being like this. I feel i have the potential to be something great but I just dont know where to even begin.  Going back to school at this point in my life isnt really an option.  My true passions are photography and travel and not going into an office every day is nice; also not a fan of corporate America.  Any words of wisdom you can provide would be very much appreciated. I just dont wanna waste another 10 yrs of my life being miuserable and going in the wrong direction.  Thanks for listening :)


Dear Russ,
You are wise to look at your life now and consider other options. You're right--you don't want to waste another 10 years of your life. Life itself is far too precious to be wasted!
So--now what? Now you need to figure out where your passion is, where your talents lie, and if you can put those two together to be able to support yourself.
Can you combine your love of travel and love of photography and turn them into a viable occupation? Being a travel photographer is one option. Or working for ad agencies who specialize in destination/travel-related clients or even chambers of commerce who need images that portray their locale.
Think outside the box: who needs what you can do? (I am assuming that your work is good enough to be worth paying for.)
If you want to pursue that aspect, then you need to develop a portfolio and start connecting with possible clients.
It's not easy to start over but it is far worse to not start at all and just remain trapped.
Good luck!

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