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i am a  student who is going to pass 12th class this year....i studied with both maths and biology....dont want to be an engineer or docter....i want to work in national parks ..wildlife reserves ...i love what sould i study further...i know zoology is a good option...but any another options will do...i m from india...

Dear Aman,

Math and science are good high school credits for most every major in college.  Speak with your counselor and tell them of your interests.  The counselor should point you in the right direction for further study and maybe even have some leads for summer opportunities and experience.

I wish you well.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

Finding Your Purpose in Life

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I can answer questions in regard to someone's natural interests and talents, as well as encourage various applications of those interests and talents in the work force toward a career and lifestyle. I am a minister, so I bring a spiritual perspective to this issue.


I am a Messianic Missionary, author, and talents coach. I counsel many young people in their search for a life's purpose as well as counseling those that feel the need for a career change or full lifestyle change.

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