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QUESTION: Dear Ank , in your last reply you said

Apologies Ahmed, I seem to have missed your reply. I'll take a look at it again.

but I have to notify you that since 2009 I didn't send you my problem with this email , I send you my problem with another email , notice that in the all experts website , you didnt also reply me in my problem , you require to send you via your personal email , so please let me know whats the problem , as I said in the beginning of my email , I had sent you my old problem since 2009 from other email called


for reference

please advise

ANSWER: Hi Ahmed,

I think we have some crossed wires here.  I Have your background info in front of me, but you can please send me a proper question that I can focus on, and I will answer you as soon as  I can.


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QUESTION: OK , I dont know which background you have about me , but my question related to scanner personality who want to investigate all things and do little , I m someone who owe lot of talents , skills , and interests also wide variety of knowledge areas , but couldn't use them practically , walking randomly , cant plan , attract to anything stimulate my mind , my ideas control me

I m a person who have in the past 10 yrs ago a message , personal values , and detemining his talents and potentials but he may be walk like lone wolf in the route , in this route he met lot of people hurt him , exploit him , get advantage if him  , deceive him

finally this person (I m)  lost his interests , confidence about values also have sluggish soul also wrecked , I want to get out from this circle , I m social personality by intuition , but nowadays I m isolated , hating peoples , see them like animals and insects have mental disorder , I hate this feeling , want to live normally , also find my purpose and myself in something be part of mine in other hand find people who can share me all emotions , ideas , values and vision

I afraid to waste my live trying finding the listed things , I m confuse

please regarding to your ecperience , let me know a dignosise of those complicated feeling I feel also adivse me how to overcome that ? last thing if you need any additional info , let me know


ANSWER: Hi Ahmed,

let´s go back to my original answer to your first contact.


Thank you for your question.  Did you write to me before?  This question is similar to an earlier one from a mysterious AJ that was never followed up.

For a birth 13/08/84, you are a Major 4 and a Minor 4.  Although 4 is off the Landscape of social reality, the  doubled sign gives you something of the self-expressive Minor 3 that looks for Landscape solutions in your everyday activities.  Fundamentally, you are somewhat disconnected from the orthodoxies of the landscape of social reality and find yourself thinking in your own language and puzzling over the truths of knowledge that others seem to accept without question.  Eventually, from about the age of 46, this puzzlement will give way to more directed criticisms but until then you will need to stay aware of the way in which you can confuse the making of solutions with inappropriate questions and diversions.  

Your mental processes are attracted to scientific thought but you are really at home in areas of knowledge where science has yet to find answers, and where the hidden themes and trends of knowledge are there to be discovered by you.  Your imagination is a vital component to your life but it tends to present you with ideas that only you understand and which may irritate others. You are best working in partnership with more realistic individuals who appreciate your creativity and will give you a free rein in the creative department while they provide the essential realism.  You do not handle people well.  You may inspire with your interesting thoughts but you are not a natural man-manager.  

So out of the list you presented, Creative writing, music and entrepreneurial skills should be the ones to concentrate on.  You may produce excellent engineering science but your work will be prone to small flaws which means that you are always needing to review and revise what you produce.  This is good for your evolving nature because you will eventually understand and take into account this tendency of your creative efforts, but it is less good in the engineering world where you may not have the time to evolve the best solutions.

If you have the economic resources to make these choices then I think you should consider the medium of film, as a director and as a journalist as well. You may find that documentary film making is very attractive to you.

best regards


Reading your latest description of your state of mind I don’t think there is much to add. You are a double 4 (4:4) which means that your Antagony of 3 has a significant presence in your everyday life.  You appear more energetic, active, sociable and confident to others than you really feel and when pressured to be a decision -maker you become more stressed, more unorthodox and more lost in your own language and descriptive world. The everyday world is much more of a puzzle to you than others would think. 4:4 is not on the Landscape of social reality and resolves to 6:6 where you become ever more individual in behaviour and increasingly code your critical perceptions of the orthodoxy in others in your communications with them. You cannot help using this ‘code’ to tell people what you really think. only not everyone can read the code and think that maybe you just have an unorthodox mind yourself even to the extent of thinking you are somewhat surreal in behaviour. 4 is a very capable person in the sense of having stamina and not knowing when to give up, but it also means that you start things before you have any idea how to finish them.

So, you have a wide ranging mind and lots of interests and you would be happy beginning a new life in any of them.  You have to put this broad capability to good use. I suggest that rather than try and make a choice among them. You should embrace this broad capacity and follow it. It seems that theatre or Television should be a place where you could easily flower.  But that first step has to be up to you. You will need to find a place either in a drama school (not ideal) or in a local or provincial theatre company and persuade them to take you on.  It can be done even without official qualifications, but you will need to be sincere, and to also accept the need to begin the road from a low position. Failing that, then I suggest you start your own local theatrical company and work to put together small scale shows, especially involving school children since their parents will always make an audience.  Begin like this and gain some experience before you look to the next step.  There is no certain path in the Arts for anyone whether or not they have formal training. Your own character and the depth and breadth of your skills is what you need to rely on. The only reason you feel anti-social now is because of your isolation.  Stop the isolation and go out and find some like minds.  Put an advertisement in the paper explaining your theatre group and then go and talk to theatres or other places of entertainment about hiring their facilities. Once you start other things will happen, and what is more luck can start to play a part.  It will not if you do not make the initial effort yourself.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear ank thank you

I deal with you in all points related to career specially arts

but I different with you about social part (isolation) , really I m trying to find people also friends have common interests , but my isolation comes from betrayals and lot of sequence shocks from people I had enjoyed my times with them for years , spend lot of times with them , knows my secrets , my live , also love them so much , some of them considered as twin souls other sincere friends, when I was shocked on them by sequence , this experiments shack me strongly , let me really antisocial , start to hate or at least cant trust anybody , treat with people superficially , doubt all people and their sneaky intention

I really want to exit from this feeling but I cant , I afraid that it ll be a mind complex cant exit forever

please advise


You may need to reconsider a little bit what has happened in the past.  4 is the antagony of 5.  5 is about trust. Trust ing that people behave according to basic outgoing generosity. Fives don't criticise people, they go with them as long as they mirror the same sociability.  Fives give people the benefit of the doubt.  They also expect people to give the same to them. Fours on the other hand being the antagony to this Landscape sign, tend to see further, doubt more, and generally anticipate failure and loss among the group. Fours have expectations of people, they tend to overthink situations and to see the  errors that still prop up the social dynamic. Fours are optimistic, they believe in people even though they can see through to the cracks in the framework. So it is important to show this belief in them rather than where things might be going wrong.  It is too easy for a Four to overthink a situation and to assume they know about people´s motivations and to anticipate  negative responses directed at them. Fours have a strong ego and it is only to easy for them to think that everyone else is getting at them.  This is the other side of the antagony coin and you are a double 4 so this is likely to play a strong role in your feelings. You need to be prepared for this. Once you realise that this reflection of your criticisms of others is giving you the self-doubts, you can begin to put them aside. Forgetting about issues of trust and no-trust. Just accept people and accept that you may know more about them than they do but this knowledge is just your own private perceptions and not for telling anyone else. You have great abilities and people want to like you but you may be putting them off because they sense that you have opinions about them that are negative or at least suspicious. People are who they are. Put aside judgements of them in the day-to-day. Bosses may indeed be conspiring, but they do so for their own ends and not just to get at you. Not everything that people do has you as the object.  Just be more generous and trusting (even though you know the limitations of that) and your friends will return.


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