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Hi, I found myself in the position of being able to take early retirement at age 55 after 38 years of continuous employment. I am now 61.
I wanted to restore an old sports car, learn to play the guitar and learn how to write creatively. I have attempted all three wishes and achieved minimal satisfaction from doing so.
I don't seem to be able to concentrate fully and keep motivated in any particular area. In fact, I feel bored and unfulfilled most of the time. I am also spending much more than anticipated on external social activities but these are are only short term fixes and reality always returns with a bang!
My partner tells me to feel grateful for what I have and reminds me of how lucky I am to have choices. I see this point but it doesn't change how I feel.
I have helped my two sons to buy their first homes, but I now worry that I have encouraged them to take on a large debt in the the form of a mortgage and I would feel responsible if they couldn't sustain the payments for any reason.
I have most things that I wished for but just don't seem able to enjoy them.
I am actively seeking a return to full time employment in an effort to achieve a sense of worth again.
I'd be grateful for any thoughts you may have as to how I can change my perspective.


What you've described is typical for most who've worked most of their lives and now find themselves retired and unfulfilled.

As humans, we are born with the desire to be relevant. Retirement does not give that good feeling of being relevant unless you make good use of the time you now have in abundance.

As one who have lived a number of years, you have acquired some skills that quite a few people could use. It could be your former profession or hobbies; but before you go back to work, look for ways that you can help others get through life a little easier.

I promise you, being of service to others will more than fulfill you.

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