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Finding Your Purpose in Life/Delay and hurdles in personal n professional life


Hello.I am date of birth is 8 Feb 1990.born in dammam saudiarabia.I am consecutively facing delays and hurdles regarding my love marriage and also professional life. Kindly go through my profile and let me know. Thanx

Hi Fariha,

Thank you for your question.  You were born at latitude 26.4N 8 Feb 1990.  This gives you a Major 8 and a Minor 4. You are very much aware of yourself and your capabilities and you have strong opinions about what is right. You can make the best of most situations and usually your confidence is enough to get you through what problems you are faced with. From time to time however, your everyday self suffers from an inability to engage with the basic contradictions of everyday life. Both your Major 8 and Minor 4 antagonise the Landscape of basic social reality, and you can make people question themselves and their usual ways of doing things which may cause some tension around you. You perhaps see too much of the true reality behind what people just accept in order to get on with their lives to make yourself comfortable in that world.  You seem remote and not so ready to accept the orthodox. This makes you attractive and charismatic, but perceptive people can also see this about you and feel threatened. You see both ends of the spectrum of creative thought, the single spark of invention but also the complex way that everything interacts. You love to give yourself up to romance; a romance that can progress through many phases and hate the idea of being contained or suffocated in ordinary or repetitive situations. And you could give yourself up to the long term study of mysteries or spiritual matters, which will gradually become more important for you in later life. Even though your everyday self can accept persistence in work and duty, in the end you have to know that what  is required of you has to be worthy of your allegiance. You have an inner morality that comes from wanting the correct answer to the problem not a convenient one.  In later life (around 46 years) you will come to see that you can maintain a circle of friends or family through resources that you can control and by the need of the greater good. Life is not going to be a cosy simplified one for you, but one of resourcefulness and inner development.

Right now, the phases of the TO8 are in 7.  7 antagonises your 8, so you may feel that changes and larger than life movements are likely to upset your comforts, but at the same time there are romantic risks that seem attractive. You can calculate what your chances are, but that does not help you decide. You may feel like jumping into the pool, but that pool is not going to be as warm as you expect it to be.


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