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my date of birth is 24/10/1996 born in chennai ,india. Time of birth is approx 10:41 am
i want to know the purpose of my life
so please help


Thanks for your question. Chennai is latitude 13 04 N in the middle of the north tropic zone.  A birth on 24 October 1996 would give you a Major 5 and a Minor 2 (TO8 Day 34).

To begin with one cannot predict a purpose in life.  All I can do is tell you what personality fundamentals you have and what kinds of activities would be good for you.  As to a purpose in life, the only one I know is to come to understand the conditions under which you live and either accept them or change them.  The essential part to this understanding is of course getting to know yourself.  I hope the TO8 can help with this process. Here is some general information about your type.

Day Thirty-fours see the world as many worlds nesting within each other, each with their regulations, none of which apply completely to them. They think of tasks as being the weaving of connections between the many social worlds in which they like to move. Those of this sign are strategic players who work hard behind the scenes to keep their networks whole and functioning to everyone's benefit, and they are unhappy to let a relationship in it break down. They may compromise their social standing by needing to get close to the centres of attention, and may spend too much time manipulating complex worlds of their own design in order to achieve this. They need many relationships around them but, in the end, the complexity they generate may limit their point of view or restrict them to the fulfilment only of their immediate needs. They enjoy bringing a new acquaintance into their inner circle, but get upset if he or she tries out new ideas. They have a deep intellectual understanding of how things are at any one moment but find it hard to extrapolate into the future. They are not sceptical and want to believe as much as to be believed. Although they can look into themselves and assess the likely futures ahead, they are rather too passive in making use of that knowledge, and tend to rest on established practices in conducting their lives and their work. Although those of this sign can make good instructors, they are hampered by a reluctance to give out readily what they know without some kind of exchange or swap. They learn easily how to assemble the right 'packages' of information, and they will be adept at finding the right 'collection' for any task. They are highly involved in the conduct of relationships where manners and etiquette are useful means of capturing attention, and can see in every meeting hidden complexity. They may find themselves creating a dramatic backdrop to everything they do in an attempt to satisfy the need for complexity, and they may readily shift their planned actions if they see they can add a layer of meaning to what they do. Those of this sign have durable personalities with an underlying confidence, and will be supportive of their friends and peers, but tire of giving help without a return. They are insensitive to threats from those on a different wavelength, and may not be able to spot the spoiling maverick until it's too late, but their essential realism accepts the bully in order to try to use him. Minor health issues or relationship difficulties overly their stamina and resilience and they will always be interested in folk remedies, remedies of legend and myth, remedies of magic and superstition, and they may become attracted to the idea of the medical sorcerer, the mystic healer and any kind of mystic brotherhood. They tend to be sensual but may need the community to help define what their pleasures are. Those of this sign are likely to look upon having children, intellectually, as a disturbance to their comforts, but fundamentally acknowledge them as an important physical proof of their existence.

Read this and then ask me a more specific question that is on your mind.



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