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I feel like this isn't something that people normally stress about, but this is what stresses me out the most in life. Currently, I am attending my second year of college and majoring in Nursing. The reason I chose this major/career path is that I love to help others and enjoy aiding people in need, but half the classes I take do not interest me, and sometimes, I feel extremely unmotivated as well.

I don't know what I'm passionate about besides me just liking to help people, and I have no idea what other career paths or majors I should switch to if I end up changing. My stress comes from not being sure if I should switch, my fear of wasting time from changing majors, and my parent's disappointment in me. They are highly against me changing majors, and want me to just stick with one.

Also, I am afraid of picking a career path that would not benefit me in the future, like finding jobs.
Until now, I've yet to find anything that I'm good at or passionate about. Nothing seems to motivate me, and I can't find something I really want/love to do. I wish to find something I love to study about, or classes that interests me ... but I am unsure of what it is.
Any advice?


Hello Jay,
If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone. Wrap your mind around this - 91% of the people that you are currently going to school with will change their careers between 3 and 7 times. So don't think that this is an odd proposition that you are considering. In fact, you should pat yourself on the back for realizing that you need to take a step back and evaluate your options while it's still early.

Despite what college marketing and career counselors tell you, your decisions do change as you grow and develop into a newer you. The fact that you have some disinterest now is life telling you to look deeper into the matter. I am glad to help.

The desire to help others is your worthy goal. How you do it is your challenge. There are a myriad of ways to do that from street sweeper that provides clean streets for others to walk on to a captain of industry that provides products to help other live better lives. I say that to remind you that your choices are simply not limited to one thing or way.

I will also say, that you have to be absolutely selfish in your choice. This choice has to be for you and not your friends, parents, teachers, etc. Let them live their lives as they please and you should do the same.

My best advice for you is that you stop trying to figure it out. Stop chasing a career and start living your life. When you least expect it, you will get a tap on your shoulder called an aha moment and what you need to do will be crystal clear. This may sound like mumbo jumbo but your disinterest is directing you towards another path. Now is the time to get quiet and ask yourself - What should I be doing? Don't question the answer but proceed to follow it. If your heart is sincere and you truly believe that you can attract to you the greatness you seek then you have to trust the process.

Every successful person and I do mean every successful person has followed this advice. This is the only step to success. Trust yourself, let go and allow your vision to appear. Believe this, life will always want what's best for you. The only problem will be you getting in your own way and not allowing you to be the uniquely divine person you know you are.

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