Finding Your Purpose in Life/when problems wil be solved


my date of birth is 15/11/1928 born in kolar gold field, karnataka ,india. Time of birth is approx6:30 am,
when will i have good time both is career and life, have seen only problems till date

so please help

Hi Archana,

Thanks for your question.  If the date you have given me is correct, it seems you are 87 years old.  Latitude of Kolar Gold Fields is typically  given as 12˚ 57. For a birth day of 15th November 1928 your TO8 Major is 5 and your Minor is 5. At your age, you are in your 14th personal Essential year cycle (6) governed by 6, So right now your own personal and physical development of 6:6 antagonises both your deep seated desires and your everyday decision-making.  Because you are also in your Resolutions of 1:1 there is an uneasy truce between your personal satisfactions with your public and community or family oriented life and your reactions and feelings to that life. You give off the air of being the boss and in charge yet you want a bit more by way of appreciation and you certainly do not want to be the one whose decisions decide what everyone else should be doing. You would rather discuss the situations with everyone and form a response according to what others want out of them, yet but you realise that those around you want to defer to your personal and distinctive responses. Deep down you have suspicions and worry which can easily make your stand out from the crowd but also make you less easily understood. So you are probably being faced with pressure to decide things but at the same time criticisms of what you do in fact decide to be best for the majority. Actually it is a role you might in fact like if it were not for the fact that you donít have enough power to make your decisions work.

5:5 in general tend to yield to the group effort even though they may know better.  They have trouble communicating their solutions and cannot avoid antagonising people with their special ideas about what is happening, even as they accept inferior judgments. They work too hard do too much without asking and before any rewards are worked out, so they can easily be taken advantage of. But if they manage their work properly they will be prized and get the rewards they deserve. They should never do work voluntarily but always have a contract or work for those with a similar high sense of responsibility.


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