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hello dear I m trying to define what I m doing all my entire life in two parts , I want from you to translate those deeds to careers and job titles

the are two parts

part one is artistically

create and improvise stories , ideas , metaaphor , contradiction and talk like chatter box , attracting people using my words , rhyme and way of talking also expressing information , I m sing , dance ,act jingle during my story telling or explain something , have high intutiion using poem ,rhyme , imagination to express something also sarcasm

also doing musical acting , acting upon music I m translate action and reaction also impression according to rhyme and tunes by my body language

part two related to social

I like to let people feeling happy and satisfied by ;

- motivate them
- solve their problems
- help them in their complicated issue
- treat them kindly and friendly
- sink in the depth of their emotions
- persuade them with new ideas
- search and put my hand on their abilities and stenght points
- sorting and evaluate them who is weak and need imporvmemnt and who is strong and need encouragement
- connect between them to make harmony and loving each others
- let them feeling secure and stable
- manage them properly
- put the right person in the suitable place and let the right person do the right thing with analysis of their personalities
- match all human feelings , desire and make connection
- discuss and investigate with them their purpose , interests , goals , personal circumstances

I want you using you expertise to let me know the job title can achieve the above items all

thanks and best regards

Thanks for writing.  Listing your interests has probably given you some ideas already.  
   Your social part of enjoying helping people solve their problems, would make a good customer service representative for most any company.
   Most people find that their artistic side is harder to fit into a job (unless you work for a company in the artistic field), so they find ways to volunteer at libraries, churches, schools, etc.  
   Considering that each individual is unique, it makes sense to keep in touch with our awesome Creator in order to fulfill all He has created us to become.  God provided a way that we sinners can keep in touch with His perfection.  He became one of us to pay for our sins with His perfect life.  When He resurrected, He offered His own perfect life in place of our sinful life, so we could fulfill all our potential.  Have you asked God to forgive your sins and be the Lord of your life?

Finding Your Purpose in Life

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